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Visit Calakmul

Mosaico de naturaleza y cultura

About Visit Calakmul
<div>We are a non-profit community initiative that was born in 2014 composed of 5 communities of Calakmul that offer activities of rural community tourism and alternative tourism and that works together with society promoting community organization and development diversifying their productive activities giving added value to its products by strengthening its commercialization, creating a better quality of life for people in the sustainable use of its tourist attractions thus contributing to the conservation of the mixed heritage of Calakmul. </div> <div>Our Mission</div> To <div>be a tourist information center that promotes the visitation and enjoyment of the tourist attractions of Calakmul at the regional, state, national and global level respecting the governance of local communities, as well as their respective tourism projects, in the framework for the conservation and use of natural resources in a sustainable manner, as well as the development of activities for the promotion, prevention, education and enjoyment of the environment. </div>
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