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Tsukán Santuario de Vida

About Tsukán Santuario de Vida
<div>We are a place where you can live great experiences</div><div>that will bring you closer to the Mayan customs and traditions. </div><div>You will get to know the traditional Mayan house, enjoy the nature</div><div>and vegetation endemic to the state of Yucatan and finally</div><div>descend to the Mayan underworld,</div><div>where you can enjoy the crystal clear waters in the cenote</div><div>that Tsukán carefully monitors. </div><div>Come, connect with nature, live your traditions</div><div>and be part of the Tsukan Shrine of Life experience. </div><div><br><strong>Where are we located? </strong><br>We are located on the road Yokdzonot - Pisté,<br>a few minutes from Chichen Itza. </div><br><strong>Opening hours</strong><br><br><br><br>Monday to Sunday<br>from 9:00 to 17:00 hrs
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Cenote Tsukán Sanctuary of Life in Pisté Yucatan


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