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Frida Freediver

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About Frida Freediver
<p>Frida Lemus, Current National Apnea Champion in Mexico with Records since 2012, Pan American Champion. It has 8 years of experience in sport. </p> <p>8th place in the 2014 AIDA World Ranking with 48 meters in Constant Weight Without Fins in depth remaining 4th place in the Roatan World Championship, being the youngest in the world ranking. </p> <p>21 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 2 bronze medals in the 15 national and international competitions in which he has participated. </p> <p>Coach of the National Team of Peru 2019 with result of 3 place in Panamericano 2019 in the modality of DYNBF</p> <p>Apnea instructor certified by PADI and AIDA. </p> <p>Yoga Instructor certified by Yoga Alliance. </p> <p>First and Second Aid Instructor certified by EFR PAD. </p> <p>Diploma of High Performance Training in Apnea with Goran Colak World Apnea Camepeón. </p> <p>Mérito Deportivo Yucateco 2015 and Best Citizen 2018. </p> <p>Former swimmer of the State Team of Yucatan state and zonal medalist. </p>
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