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About Club Casablanca Juriquilla
<div>Club Casablanca Juriquilla is where sport, culture and family coexistence come together to give balance to your life and that of your family.&nbsp;<br><br>Club Casablanca was born just over 40 years ago to provide people with a warm and safe space where they have a meeting point to live with family and friends, play sports and have fun.&nbsp;<br><br>In our corridors, sports figures with national and international recognition have walked, we have seen great promises born and we are a hotbed for future professional athletes. We welcome<br><br>you to Your Second House, here you will have everything you need to start a new life always giving the best of you to your Family.&nbsp;<br><br>In a space of more than 5 hectares, and located in the heart of Juriquilla, in the beautiful city of Querétaro, you will find more than 30 activities with certified professionals.&nbsp;<br><br>It's very easy, choose the well-being of yours. Come and meet Club Casablanca Juriquilla, The Club Familiar - Social par excellence and don't forget the most used words within our Family:</div><div>See you at the Club</div>
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