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<div>Welcome to Cenote Yokdzonot, Maya Wellness Source and Eco-Adventure Site located in Yokdzonot, Yucatan, Mexico. Get to know us and jump out of the routine by walking our paths that will connect you with nature, such as the zacbes (white roads) that once connected cities, cenotes and ceremonial sites on the Peninsula.&nbsp;</div><div>We have created a special place where every visitor finds balance and well-being.&nbsp;</div><div>History: In 2005, a group of women from the rural community of Yokdzonot, Yucatan organized to transform their village's abandoned Mayan cenote into a unique eco-tourism site. His vision was to create a sustainable and community source of work that would replace his dependence on the work of the milpa as it was not economically remunerated.&nbsp;</div><div>For two years the group worked daily every afternoon cleaning and clearing the surroundings of the cenote to create spaces, gardens and nature trails. Finally in 2007, Cenote Yokdzonot opened its doors as a Wellness Source and Eco-Adventure Site Maya offering a wide range of quality services and special attractions for locals and tourists.&nbsp;</div>
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