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VIEM nace en Querétaro y Cd de México como una iniciativa de México para M&eacu

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Viviendas Emerentes (VIEM MX) is born after the loss of homes that arise in the communities most affected after the earthquakes of September 7 and 19, 2017 in Mexico. <br><br>The idea begins in Queretaro and spreads quickly to Mexico City because of the desire to help others in this unknown situation for young people who do not live in the earthquake of 85. It was the joint effort of this youth from different disciplines that did not know each other, that made this project take off. <br><br>On September 22 we started collecting PET bottles in Querétaro and CDMX simultaneously. Concerned about the large number of bottles that were arriving at the Collection Centers in both cities. This caused the news that “young people want to rebuild houses with PET bottles” to grow exponentially. <br><br>We managed to reach the ears and hearts of many people around the world. People who wanted to support us unconditionally, with bottles, transport, food, space in their homes, in their work to collect PET, monetarily, as volunteers... simply help without any interest. <br><br>Today this group of young people continues to work to achieve what we set out to do, rebuild the homes of all those people who lost them in these earthquakes. <br><br>Thanks to the help of donors and volunteers, we have 4 homes delivered and 2 more in process. And we continue to plan the construction of more homes for this second half of the year and years to come.
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