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Sergio Daniel

“No mires hacia atrás con ira ni hacia abajo con miedo sino hacia arriba con atención”

About Sergio Daniel
<div></div> <div>Daniel Rivera is a professional mountaineer, graduated and certified by the Mexican Alpine Club. His first approach to the mountain arose from childhood, with field and adventure activities, especially in rock climbing. </div> <div>His career began to be formalized in 2004, at the age of 16 he joined the Club Alpino Mexicano and was part of the 49th generation of the complete mountaineering course taught by the institution. Since that date he has not stopped his constant activity as a mountaineer, especially in the area of high mountain and rock climbing. </div> <div>His work as a guide was consolidated in 2008, with an expedition to Iztaccihuatl, he as a responsible guide of a group; to date he has more than 10 years of experience in the mountains of Mexico: 40 aspasses to Iztaccihuatl, 25 to Pico de Orizaba and equal to uacute; grouper to Nevado de Toluca, more than 30 aspasses to the Ajusco and about 20 to the Malinche. </div> <div>In addition to mountaineering in Mexico, we find among its most representative expeditions those carried out abroad, such as the alpine expedition to Mount Aconcagua (6963 masl), in Mendoza, Argentina (15 days of crossing and summit, 2016) and the Mexico-Costa bicycle crossing Rica, 2000 km (33 days, December 2008). Recently ice climbing activities in Colorado, United States (10 days, January 2019). </div> <div>On the other hand, and despite his prolific career as a mountaineer, Daniel also holds a degree in Civil Engineering and has a master's degree in Hydraulic Engineering, in both cases he is a graduate of UNAM. Today, he knows how to balance his two professions, practicing engineering and mountaineering, always with a social and environmental commitment. </div> <div>As a Civil Engineer, he is trained to develop digital and printed cartography, management of geographic information systems, specialized GPS and navigation with maps. </div> <div>“ The mountains and nature have never ceased to amaze me, every time I find myself on a journey I feel more alive and I begin to observe everything more lucidly. The idea of undertaking a climb, a walk or an adventure follows me constantly, I keep thinking about moving forward, observing and knowing more the horizons and myself” Daniel Rivera. </div> <div></div>
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